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Posthouse Publishing specialises in producing non fiction illustrated books which we either publish ourselves or produce for other publishers. We specialise in railway related titles along with those related to food and drink.

Our titles cover a wide range of subjects and in 2017 we are planning a number of new titles including The Winegrowers' Handbook 2nd edition, The Craft Distillers' Handbook 2nd edition, and  The Craft Brewers' Compendium.

We provide a complete publishing solution and further details of what we can offer are detailed under About Us.


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Rupert Wheeler



"Dick Hardy retired in 1982 with more than 60,000 miles of footplate experience and a wealth of fascinating stories, most of which are related in this marvellous book – which is even more collectible by the fact that most of the photos were taken by Dick himself."

The Railway Magazine


"The many anecdotes that Dick recounts, and the fact that he remembers by name so many of the colleagues he encountered during his career, marks his love of the industry, and of the characters within it. The book is a great tribute to a railway brotherhood that served the country

so well."

The Railway Observer

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The Winegrowers' Handbook

Second Edition

By Belinda Kemp & Emma Rice