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Posthouse Publishing specialises in producing non fiction illustrated books which we either publish ourselves or produce for other publishers. We specialise in railway related titles along with those related to food and drink.

Our titles cover a wide range of subjects and in 2015 we are planning a number of new titles including Britain's Steam Preservation Railways, The Ultimate Book of Power Kiting, and  The Whisky Trails of Scotland

We provide a complete publishing solution and further details of what we can offer are detailed under Publishing Services.


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Rupert Wheeler


A Life on the Lines


"This book is simply one of the best that has been published for several reasons. Dick Hardy knows his railways, old and modern and was very much a people person motivating staff at all levels. It also becomes clear when reading the book that he, as you could do then, bent the rules when it was beneficial to the railways and the people."

Phil Marsh


"The many anecdotes that Dick recounts, and the fact that he remembers by name so many of the colleagues he encountered during his career, marks his love of the industry, and of the characters within it. The book is a great tribute to a railway brotherhood that served the country so well."

The Railway Observer

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The Stove Book by

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"Excellent and informative work, you feel like an expert after reading this book and all written in a straight forward way so that even a novice whisky lover like myself can understand what to look for when tasting that dram or two."



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A complete guide to buying and using a wood-burning stove

By Sune Nightingale

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